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Investing in Yourself: How’s Your Portfolio Looking?


Fitness is a Mindset

The thoughts that are continually rolling around in our heads are ultimately going to determine who we are and what we will accomplish on a daily basis.  If fitness is not part of your thought process, how will you reach improved levels of mental, physical and spiritual fitness?  Well……you won’t!  Fitness is a mindset first and foremost.  If you want to improve your fitness levels, you must first transform the, “want to” mindset into the, “will do” mindset.” Let’s face it, most of us “want to” be fit and healthy.  The sad reality is that life limiting factors such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and depression are running rampant in this country.  This can be changed.  It will take effort and planning.   It may be a little painful.  The transformative process can actually be fun at times.  The positive results of incorporating the fitness mindset into your life will be a priceless investment in yourself. How’s your portfolio looking?

Focus on the Effort

When I begin working with my client partners, I will continually be telling them to focus on the effort of their personal transformation.  If you focus on the effort, the actual transformative activities, the desired results will happen.  When you are exercising for instance, do not think about losing weight or what you want your appearance to be.  Concentrate on the individual repetitions and form throughout your routine, giving maximum effort throughout the session.  When your workout is complete and you’ve cooled down, relax and calmly reflect on the effort you just gave.  Do this on a regular basis and your desired results will take place!  Improving your fitness level and achieving personal transformation is defined by your effort, not by your results.

Make an Appointment and Mix it Up

I’m almost forty-two years old, and arguably in the best shape of my life.  The most common question I get in regard to being fit is, “Where do you find the time?”  It’s actually very simple.  I make a personal appointment with myself for an hour every day.  I’m working two jobs and starting my own business in one of them.  I actively blog and am finishing a book.  I coach youth football and wrestling.  I live in a home with six children, including a newborn. Simply put, I don’t use lack of time for fitness as an excuse, because that’s what it is.   My fitness of mind, body and spirit is a priceless gift to myself.  It is a personal investment in my quality of life and in those that I care about. Make a daily appointment with yourself to exercise.  My other advice is to mix it up.  If you start working out three times per week, do three different workouts.  Keep yourself engaged by trying several different types of physical routines.  You will find the right mix and actually have fun!  Workout with your significant other or a friend to stay motivated.  Take a group class or fitness boot camp to learn new techniques.  It is never too late to start and never too soon!

Determination~ The act of deciding definitely and firmly.  Firm or fixed intention to reach a desired end.

Until next time,




The Art of Delivering: What’s in Your Basket?

Deliver More, Expect Less

Deliver more and expect less.  This mindset can be applied to any facet of your life.  Certainly in your personal relationships.  Focus on what you bring to a relationship instead of what you are trying to get out of it.  If you can manage this process without effort, you will benefit exponentially.  Deliver more in your career and you will reap the rewards of satisfied customers and appreciative managers. Apply this mindset to your health and fitness. Start a fitness regimen and healthy diet.  Make it a priority to improve your health.  Deliver more to your fitness program and expect less.  Focus on the effort rather than the result.  Get in the flow of this mindset.  If you consistently deliver more and expect less you will truly realize the rewards you receive from your efforts.

Be There

Be there when you’re not expected.  Make that one last sales call on your way home.  Reach out to a friend in need.  Take the time and be there when you’re not expected.  Your time spent with someone can be an empowering gift for both people.  When you’re coaching or mentoring kids, give the mental fitness aspect of your time.  Get “inside their heads” in order to build and strengthen their mindsets.  Being there like this, going the extra mile, could possibly be a defining moment in the life of another person.  Again, the empowering feeling you will receive as a result will be priceless.

Appreciation vs. Entitlement

No one, no matter who they are, should feel entitled to anything.  The people who live with a sense of entitlement are what I call disconnected.  This is not a judgement, but an observation.  A person who is connected with their inner spirit will live a life guided by vision and purpose.  These people truly appreciate life and the unique legacy they have to live.   We can all live like this.  It is as simple as looking deeply inward to realize and understand how you are living your life.  Are you driven by an egocentric, selfish, unappreciative and disconnected mindset?  If so, ask yourself what self-limiting thoughts or behaviors may be causing this.  Learn to appreciate, enjoy and be thankful for life.  Connect with your true self and live a spirit driven life.  Live with appreciation and not entitlement.  Learn the art of delivering more and expecting less.  What’s in your delivery basket?

Spiritual Fitness~ The resultant condition of existing in an advanced state of spiritual wellness.

~From RecoverFit: The Path for Personal Transformation

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Make an Impact


Make an Impact

I’ve always said that I don’t want to be normal.  Normal is boring.  Normal is surrendering to the nine to five status quo.  Normal is existing, not living.  Normal is conservatively meandering through life.  No, thank you.  We lost an amazing visionary last week.  Steve Jobs was not normal.  He chose to live life on his terms and to THINK DIFFERENT.  He refused to surrender to anyone or anything in terms of living his vision and purpose.  Steve Job’s legacy is forever etched in stone.  His unique imprint on this world will never be forgotten.  We all should live this way.  Maybe our own imprint won’t be as a technological genius like that of  Steve Jobs.  That is not the point. What needs to be realized by each and every person is that we do have a unique imprint, a legacy, to leave on this world.  I encourage you, challenge you, and implore you to find yours.  Do not be normal!   Be humble, but live loud!  Make your innermost dreams and goals a reality.  To quote Seth Godin, “Be in the wow business!”  Challenge the status quo and make it happen.  Make an impact!

“How you see yourself is how you view your world and the imprint you will leave upon it.”

-Yours Truly

As always, please comment if this post inspired you or made you THINK DIFFERENTLY!

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My Advice: Get Functional & Cross Train!

Functional Cross Training Defined

Have you heard about Functional Fitness yet?  What is Cross Training?  I can tell you this with total sincerity……..Put these two fitness ideologies together and you will never be the same.  You will be transformed! Functional fitness is a philosophy that incorporates multiple muscle groups together when training instead of isolating just one.  Instead of performing a biceps curl, for instance, you would perform a biceps curl while simultaneously performing a reverse lunge.  Why?  Because you will work more muscles at once, burn more calories and strengthen your core among other reasons.  Functional training also puts your body into “real life” positions to create strength, flexibility and endurance where you actually need it.  In a move I call, “Squat, Pick up and Place, ” you are simultaneously working the legs, butt, core, back, arms and shoulders in a single exercise.  This move also teaches you how to properly pick up a heavy object without injuring yourself (especially your lower back).  I have created several functional moves in my RecoverFit FuctionFit workouts that train your entire body in one session while utilizing both cardio and resistance elements.  That’s right, by training like this you will not need to separate your resistance and cardio training sessions!

Cross training is the fitness ideology that emphasizes the incorporation of several different training modalities into your fitness regimen.  You don’t simply lift weights, run, kick box or swim.  When you cross train, you incorporate as many fitness modalities into your schedule as possible.  My personal schedule includes the following; weight lifting, running, kickboxing, mma groundwork, kettle bells, medicine balls, body weight exercises, resistance bands, suspension training, sledgehammer and tire sessions, and tire sled workouts among others.  Seriously?  Yes!  When you cross train, you “trick” your muscles by continuously changing how you are training them.  You are always working  your muscles from different angles and perspectives.   You are pushing, pulling, lifting, dragging, punching, kicking, pounding and striking your way into a lean, fit  body!  Not only does this technique work, it makes training fun because you are constantly changing what you are doing (not performing the same boring workout  every day).

Fitness is a Sport

Being fit, and utilizing functional cross training is now officially a sport!  If you haven’t seen the Crossfit Games on ESPN yet, they are now being televised.  Everyday athletes are now being recognized and paid for their amazing fitness abilities (250k each to the male and female Crossfit Games winners).  I would challenge almost any mainstream athlete to go up against these amazing Crossfit warriors!  Functional cross training gyms are sprouting up all over the world.  Check one out in your local area.  Those of you who live in Cleveland can start training at my soon to be opened RecoverFit Personal Transformation Studio in January 2012, and can visit my website at

The Game is Changing

How much you bench press or squat is no longer the benchmark of the elite athlete.  How many yards you can drag a monster truck tire or how many burpees you can perform in a minute are the new bench marks (among many others).  The training game is changing.  If you can drag that tire for 40 yards, chances are you will be able to carry several would be tacklers over the goal line, as well as plow them over to get there!  I’m not advocating to stop lifting weights, as I love to move metal as much as the next guy.  I am advocating the incorporation of functional cross training into your regimen.  If you have kids that are training for competitive sports, I would also recommend finding a local cross training specialty gym.  The sport specific benefits of these training centers are unmatched.  If you pay attention to the “whos who” of MMA, NFL, and NBA  stars (not to mention the Hollwood A list actors and actresses), you know these are the places they are gravitating to.  Get out there and get fit.  Really fit. Transform your life.  Change your game!

“Who we are never changes.  Who we think we are does.”

~Mary S. Almanac

Until next time,



Are You Living Life or Simply Existing?

Set Your Clock

Simply existing is really a sad state to be in.  Existing is settling for a job or career you are just doing to get by and pay the bills.  Existing is “just getting through the day,” so that you can drive back home to press repeat for the next one.  Existing is excepting mediocrity in your work, your relationships or your hobbies.  Existing is the depressing state of surrendering to the status quo.  People who are existing allow self -limiting thoughts control their mindset.  Don’t be this type of person.  There is so much more to see, enjoy and experience.  Set your internal clock, it’s time to live!

Become the Perfect Storm

If you were simply existing, you can now press the fast forward button in life.  Forget the past and the stress, difficulty or failure you may have experienced.  Set your mind to the proactive experience of cultivating vision and true purpose for your life.  Stop reacting and start living!  Remove self-limiting thoughts and behaviors from your life one at a time.  If you don’t know what’s holding you back then perform a brutally honest self-inventory. Write these negative, life- limiting habits down in a journal.  Create a plan for change.  A plan for living life.  Become the perfect storm of positivity, passion and purpose!

Rewrite the Rest of Your Story

Change is self-maintenance. Embrace it.  Accept it.  Understand that change will happen in your life no matter who you are or what you do.  Become a person who creates change.  Be the catalyst for great things.  Become proactive.  Be a purpose filled visionary.  If you truly want to live life, understand that you should be in a constant state of learning.  Read and experience the great, inspiring works of others.  We all should be in a constant state of personal transformation.   If you live life with a transformative mindset the past habits of settling, “just getting through,” and surrendering to the status quo will disappear.  Pursue the changes that need to be made in your life and relentlessly work to make them happen.  Cultivate the “I Will” mindset and then rewrite the rest of your story!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment if this inspired you or made you think differently!

“Realize that you have a unique personal imprint on the world and have unlimited potential for success!”

~Yours Truly

Until next time,



Avoiding “Quick Fix” Manipulation

Don’t Become the Egg in the Vice

You see it all over, again and again.  On TV, the internet,  in newspapers and pasted throughout back pages of popular magazines. The magic weight loss diet.  A “restaurant style” meal in a frozen bag.  The 90 day fitness transformation DVD.  The sexual performance elixir.  The get rich real estate scam infomercial.  The “shoot your age” golf gadget.  The “biggie size” fast food meal. The ultra easy “ab blaster”  fitness device.  My personal favorite……….Snap Fitness 24/7.  That’s hilarious!  Do you know what all these things have in common? They are marketing manipulations attempting to sucker people into the “quick fix.”  Do not be tricked into these scams, especially in today’s economy.  Do not become the egg in the vice!

There is no “Snap” in Fitness

If there is one thing I know, it is that there is absolutely no “snap” in fitness!  Fitness is  an evolutionary process.  Fitness is a journey of determination and perseverance.  Fitness is a committed lifestyle. Fitness is a choice!  This is true for all phases of fitness: mental, spiritual and physical.  It just doesn’t happen without concentrated effort.  A fitness center might charge a menial sum per month and be open 24/7.  To actually succeed, however, you need to set  goals , commit to a program and live the lifestyle. This is not easy for someone who is just starting out after a long recession of inactivity, or new to fitness training. Is some person going to be in there motivating someone like this at  11 p.m. or 5 in the morning?  Are they going to safely coach them through proper technique and custom fit a program for their personal needs and goals?  No,  but they will take their registration fee, accept the monthly payment and greedily move on to the next victim.

I have completed some of the newer and trendy extreme fitness DVD programs. There are some great ones out there.  However, I do have a problem with their “all inclusive” marketing focus.  They are manipulating thousands of people into purchasing their products that have no business attempting to start them. I have spoken to so many people who have bought these programs, tried them for a few days and given up in frustration.  If you don’t have a decent fitness level, you are not going to stick to one of these extreme programs. My advice is to start small.  Set an attainable goal and measure your success.  Then keep improving upon it and move on. Once you build a solid fitness level, you can then attempt an extreme program.

Invest in Yourself

Cultivating mental, physical and spiritual fitness is such a worthwhile process.   Personally doing so has literally transformed my life, renewed my spirit and given me deep-rooted vision and purpose.  This process is a self investment.  Ask yourself this question.  “How much is my life worth?”  My own personal health and well-being is priceless. You literally can’t put a price tag on living with a clear, peaceful mind. Having passion the moment you wake up is an amazing feeling.  Inner peace and life balance are attainable.  What needs to be understood is the process it takes to get there.  Do not be coerced by the “quick fix” marketing manipulators. Work passionately on building your mental, physical and spiritual fitness levels every day.  Make this transformative process a lifestyle.  Invest in yourself!

“Anything worthwhile is a committed process.  An evolution.  A journey of perseverance.”

~Yours Truly

Until next time,



Stop! Don’t Forget to Appreciate the View

The Speed of Life

The world may revolve slowly, but life can move at mach speed.  Don’t forget to slow things down once in a while.  You need to stop and appreciate the view.  The picture above is my brand new baby boy, Greyson.  He blessed and enriched our lives on 8/30/11 at 4:04 a.m.  Greyson was born just shy of three pounds, a month premature and with a heart defect.  He will need cardiac surgery next week.  I have completely stopped everything in my life to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful view!


Engage in your relationships.  Engage in the activities that matter most in your life.  Engage in your hopes, goals, and dreams.  Live in the now, because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Appreciate what you have and be less concerned with what you don’t need.  Life is balanced through building and cultivating mental, physical and spiritual fitness.  Material possessions are not what matters.  Being engaged and committed to living with vision and purpose will result in a fulfilled life.  This is what matters.

No Regrets

We only get one chance at life.  Do not look back with regret.  Don’t let self-limiting thoughts or behaviors like resentment, pessimism, jealousy, lethargy or lack of motivation control your life.  Live, love, laugh and forgive.  Reach out, give to others and put your heart and soul into every activity you engage in.  Truly learn to enjoy your important relationships.  Listen to others.  Take care of your mind, body and spirit every day.  Find your true passion in life and live within it.  Stop!  Don’t forget to enjoy the view.

“Everyone is entitled to dream.  It gives us hope, focuses our energy, makes us human.”

~Seth Godin

Until next time,



Success: The Uphill Climb



Convenience vs.  Purpose 

Ask yourself this question, ” Do I generally do things out of convenience or do I do things with purpose? ” There is a monumental difference.  Doing things out of convenience is a reflection of lack of vision, purpose and an unbalanced mindset.  Convenient means easy.  Convenient is “just getting by.”  Convenient is lazy, lethargic and sedentary.  Convenient is feeding your family out of a freezer bag instead of putting something on the grill, steaming some veggies and preparing a salad.  Doing things with purpose is reflected by an energetic, perseverant and empowered mindset.  Being purpose driven is having intensity.  Being purpose driven is having the desire to make an impact.  Being purpose driven is engaging in your activities with a passionate and energetic attitude.

The Uphill Climb

Success and fulfillment are not easy to attain, nor should they be.  If that were the case, every athlete would be making millions to play the game.  Every doctor would have their own TV show and best-selling book to compliment their booming clinical practice.  Every parent would have a 4.0 national honor society student with a full ride to college.  Success can only be attained through hard work and perseverance. Success is an uphill climb.  This is an easy concept to write about, to say and to read. Understanding this concept and actively applying it in your life is difficult.  It is, however, doable.

Which will you choose?

This very moment is the beginning of your future.  Your legacy starts right now.   How will you choose to live your life from this moment on?  Will you choose the easy way out?  Is uninspired convenience your roadmap in life?  Will you choose the more difficult road to success and fulfillment?  Will you make the necessary mental, physical and spiritual changes to live with peace and life balance?  Will you emit your core energy in everything you do?  Will you choose to live with purpose?

“Focused energy and serious intent will push you to do your best work.”

~Seth Godin 

Until next time,






Shifting Speed: Why We Should Welcome Change

Change is Self Maintenance

I absolutely abhor the cliché, “oil change” reference that sales people often use to push their service or product on a potential customer.  Although I am a salesman by day ( I have NEVER used this analogy in business), I am going to use a version of this perspective to get an important point across today.  In my “former life,” I was one of those people who often reacted negatively to change.  I wanted things to be my way, all the time.  This is unequivocably an unfit mindset.  Change is unavoidable much of the time.  If we try to avoid change or fight it, nothing generally positive or productive will result.   Change is innovation.  Change is creativity.  Change is an evolutionary process.    If we learn to accept and welcome change, we will understand that it is a healthy process of self-maintenance.  Yep…….Much like the regular oil change on your car (ugh, I said it)!

A New Perspective

For too many years I lived with the perspective of doing things that I was “supposed to do.”  This perspective was especially evident in my career.  My mindset was, “I am in medical device sales because it pays well and others will see it as me having a great job and career.”  That’s absolute horse shit!  Although I do enjoy some aspects of my career, it is not what I am passionate for.  As a result of the RecoverFit process of Personal Transformation (, I have come to realize a new perspective.  I now realize that I can make a great living and actually enjoy doing what I am passionate for (writing, blogging, and personal transformation coaching).  My own unfit mindset was previously holding me back.  The changes that I’ve welcomed and allowed to happen over the past year have opened a new door for me in life.  I now have a clear vision and true purpose for what I will accomplish (notice the words I Will).  The little moral to this story is: do not let society or others dictate what you should do with your life!   If you feel like this is the case, I suggest you welcome change and focus on your personal passion.  Life is so much more enjoyable with this perspective.

Controlled Change Vs.  Uncontrollable Change

Something ridiculously significant I have come to realize is that change can be controlled or uncontrolled. Controlled change happens when you have power over the direction of something. Examples of controlled change are weight management, nutrition, physical fitness, mental fitness and spiritual fitness among others. These are all things that you have the ability to manipulate and direct in your life.  Uncontrolled change is obviously referring to the aspects or occurrences in life that we do not have the power to direct.  Examples of uncontrolled change are sudden sickness, the economy, the passing of a loved one, and a company merger or buyout (among many others).  Here’s the difference between a fit perspective and one of welcoming change, in comparison to an unfit perspective of fighting change. If you are mentally, spiritually and physically fit, you will have the proper life balance to actively work towards the proper changes that you can control.  You will also have the fitness of mind and spirit to accept and work through the more difficult, uncontrollable changes in life.  If your life is unbalanced, you generally will not have the fitness capacity to welcome and work towards positive (controllable) change, nor accept or work through uncontrollable change.  So, the bottom line is you can either shift gears in life and welcome change, or continue to apply the brakes and hopelessly try to stop it.  The choice is yours! 

“We have the free will to grow, to dream and to change.”

~Casey Treat

Until Next Time,



On Facing Fear, Dreaming Big & Prospering

Facing Fear

It is perfectly acceptable to fear something. To feel some trepidation when presented with an obstacle, challenge or new goal.  However, it should not be allowable to let fear prevent you from accomplishing your goals and dreams.  Fear is normal.  Hell, you know NFL quarterback Tom Brady is scared shitless about being blindsided and face-planted by a man beast like the Detroit Lions’ Ndamkong Suh!  Even MMA champ George St. Pierre (probably the pound for pound baddest ass dude on the planet) readily admits that he fears losing every fight!  What these men don’t allow is for fear to control the outcome of the situation.  They face fear and use it for motivation to succeed.  Do not let fear become a self-limiting behavior.  Use it productively.  Face fear head on so that you can feel the exhilarating feeling of success from overcoming it and living out your dreams!

Talking to Fear 

Talking to yourself is, in my mind, the most effective way to face your fears.  Dude….seriously?  Yes, I am very serious on this point!  I use affirmations, or personal mantras, every single day.  These short phrases are empowering words of motivation and inspiration.  Some of my favorites are, ” I am unstoppable (in my pursuit of fitness), I am unique (In what I have to offer the world), and I am empowered (with vision and purpose)” among others.  My personal mantra (and company vision statement for RecoverFit) is Engage…..Commit…..Succeed.  Trust me, when you walk around all day with these affirming thoughts in your head you feel unstoppable in your life’s purpose!  Try this.  It works!

The Fearless Mindset 

Now you are empowered with a fearless mindset.   You know that it is acceptable to be afraid, but that you can face it head on and use fear for inspiration.  So now, here’s what you do.  Dream big.  Really fricken big!  Start that new business.  Go after that promotion.  Interview for a new, better paying job.  Make that career change.  Pursue that person that you’ve been wanting to know.  Start and maintain a regular exercise program.  Become a mental, physical and spiritual fitness specimen!  You can only accomplish what you set out to do!  Dream big and prosper!

“Your history is just that.  You have the power to press reset in life and to reinvent yourself.  Your future begins this very moment.  Make it one of fulfillment and life balance.”

~Yours Truly

Until next time,



The “I Will” Mindset

“I Will”

“I want to.”  Forget about that thought.  “I can.”  A little better, but not where you need to be.  “I Will!”   Can I get a “Hell Yes?!” Having life balance and being able to deal with the day-to-day challenges we face can become significantly easier by incorporating the “I  Will ” mindset into every activity.  Whenever you are faced with an obstacle, or are motivating yourself to accomplish a goal, try replacing the words can and want with will.  It’s, “I will workout three times this week.”  It should never be “I want to workout three times this week.”  It’s, “I will moderate my drinking to weekends only (or substitute any unfit lifestyle issue here).  It should never be, “I can moderate my drinking to weekends only.”  The, “I can or I want to” mindsets may work some of the time.  The “I Will ” mindset works EVERYTIME if you truly engage and commit to it!

“I Will” Goal Setting 

Begin incorporating the “I Will” mindset this week.  Set three goals for yourself using “I Will” at the beginning of each.  You can set a physical fitness “I Will” goal (I will exercise three times this week).  You can apply an “I Will” goal to your career (I will call on three competitive customers this week).  You can use the “I Will” goal setting process at home (I will work with my son or daughter on their soccer or football skills after work).  Try it.  This will energize your mind and positively change your outlook, as well as give you a new skill set to deal with any challenge.  Once you are successful in applying daily and weekly “I Will” goals, you can branch out and apply longer term goals for monthly, quarterly or yearly success.  The “I Will” mindset is a key building block for strengthening your Mental Fitness level.

The “I Will” Self Review 

I’m a big believer in tracking all my activities and progress, or lack there of.  There is much to be learned from setting goals, tracking our activities, and reviewing the outcomes.  Try doing this in all phases of your life.  Align your self-review with your “I Will” goals.  You will be amazed at the clarity and sudden organization that will result from this simple process.

Mental Fitness (the RecoverFit definition)-  The resultant condition of existing in an advanced state of mental wellness.

Until next time,



Passion is Viral

Spread the Sickness

When you come into contact with people who have passion it is simply contagious.  It’s viral.  These are the individuals who inspire and motivate us to do great things.  To create great work.  To  have great relationships.  To be great people.  To live great lives with vision and purpose.  Have passion.  Become viral.  Spread the sickness!

Energy and Attitude 

Every evening at football practice I say this to my young players, “Have energy and attitude in everything you do!”  I love this simple, three-word phrase.  Energy and attitude. If you think with passion, everything you believe in your own mind will ultimately come true.  Have energized, motivating thoughts and an unstoppable, inspiring attitude.   This mindset will breed passion.  You will emit energy.  You will become viral.  You will spread the sickness!

Plug In 

Connect with your spirit and let it drive and motivate your life’s purpose.  Plug in.  Become passionate.  Be viral!

“Clear eyes…..Full heart…..Can’t lose!” 

Until next time,



Mental Preparation: Impossible is Nothing!

Are You Prepared? 

Being mentally prepared, or mentally fit,  in life is absolutely necessary to live with vision and purpose.  An entire section of my forthcoming book, RecoverFit: The Path for Personal Transformation, defines mental fitness and provides several skill sets for which to cultivate this important fitness mechanism.  Today I am going to provide you with my RecoverFit Pre-Workout Affirmation Creed.  I read this before every single physical fitness training session in order to engage my mind in the task at hand and to focus on my committment to the hour to follow.  Again, please feel free to post this in your exercise area, home office, or anywhere you can access it for inspiration and motivation.  This creed can also be used for getting your mind in the right place before any sort of business or personal activity for which you need clarity and focus.

RecoverFit Pre-Workout Affirmation Creed 

I Am:

~CALM of mind.

~FREE of mental baggage.

~STRONG in mind, body & spirit.

~UNSTOPPABLE in my pursuit of fitness.

~UNIQUE in what I have to offer the world.

~ENGAGED in my personal commitments.

~EMPOWERED with vision & purpose.

~COMMITTED to my personal growth & transformation.

~FEARLESS in my personal mission for change.


I trust and pray that this message finds you well and that it will provide you with motivation and inspiration to live with vision and purpose.

“You have the right & the need to transform, be authentic and live your highest truth.”

                                                                                                                ~Sonia Choquette

Until next time,



Recent Articles


Mental Fitness: Top Ten Reasons to Achieve a Calm Mindset

Top Ten Reasons to Achieve a Calm Mindset:

1.  A calm mindset breeds a PROACTIVE (positive) perspective, not a reactive (negative) perspective.

2.  A calm mindset promotes DIVERGENT THINKING, not convergent thinking (you will realize that there is typically more than one solution to every problem or challenge).

3.  A calm mindset enables PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT (you will be confident and understand that you have control over your own life and not be overly concerned with external stressors that you cannot control).

4.  A calm mindset gives you VISION (You will know where you want to take your life).

5.  A calm mindset allows you to realize your true PURPOSE in life (you will know why you want to get to the place you have vision for).

6.  A calm mindset will help you understand the power of FORGIVENESS (resentment is a self-limiting behavior that needs to be erased for anyone to truly be at peace and have life balance).

7.  A calm mindset results in a constant state of CREATIVITY (which in turn promotes productivity, fulfillment and is often therapeutic).

8.  A calm mindset instills a powerful sense of INSPIRATION (you will be open to making a personal, spiritual connection ).

9.  A calm mindset will enable you to ENGAGE and COMMIT to the activities that will bring you SUCCESS, inner peace and life balance.

10.  A calm mindset will cause you to become RELENTLESS and FEARLESS in your pursuit of mental, physical and spiritual fitness.

Control-The ability to direct the course of something.

Until next time,




Taking Fitness Outdoors: 30 Minute Medicine Ball Blast

Taking Your Workout Outdoors 

There’s something exhilarating about exercising outside.  Breaking a sweat in the vibrant sunshine and taking in some fresh air while working out can be so much more enjoyable than being stuck indoors (at least for me, and especially during the kick ass summer weather we are enjoying).  With this in mind, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite outdoor workouts, the RecoverFit 30 Minute Medicine Ball Blast.  I did this yesterday in my driveway after a 1.6 mile run and burned 971 calories in 55 minutes (including  the run and cool down).

The RecoverFit 30 Minute Medicine Ball Blast 

I perform three sets of these eight exercises, with 15 reps per set and as little rest between sets as possible (to encourage fat burning and lean muscle-building).  This is on the advanced level (especially right after a run), so you can either adjust the amount of reps or the weight of the medicine ball (I use a 10 pounder) as needed to suit your fitness level.  This is a fast paced, cardio and resistance workout that should burn at least 400 calories in roughly 30 minutes.  I recommend at least 10 minutes of full body stretching (with a foam roller if you have one).

1. Medicine Ball Slam

Hold the ball directly overhead with both hands.  Keep your core engaged (tight), bend your knees at 90 degrees and slam the ball on the pavement as hard as you can.  Catch the ball over your head and repeat immediately.

2. Medicine Ball Swing

Hold the ball directly overhead with both hands.  Keep your core engaged and bend your knees to 90 degrees while swinging the ball between both legs.  Raise the ball back into the upright position and repeat immediately.  Note:  This guy’s form sucks!!  Keep your back straight all the way through the exercise (not bent like he is)!  Pretend like you are driving your heels into the ground and always keep your chin up and face forward.  Use your legs to aid in powering up the ball on the upswing.

3. Medicine Ball Star Pushup

Place both hands on the ball in a “star” shape (actually a reverse heart with right and left index fingers thumbs touching).  Extend your legs out in a full plank, or pushup, position with your feet spread into a “Y” position for stability.  Lower your chest all the way down to your hands (full range of motion is key here) and push up.  Repeat immediately. This is a kick ass tricep and chest burner!

4. Medicine Ball Sit Up

Lie flat (I do these on my lawn) with knees slightly bent, holding the ball with both hands.  Perform a standard situp while holding the ball and repeat immediately.  Advanced version:  Press the ball as high as you can while sitting up to further engage your core, as well as work your chest and shoulders.

5.  Medicine Ball Plyometric Squat Jump

This move was self-taught and one of my favorites (a real leg and glute burner).  Hold the ball at chest level with both hands.  Engage your core and squat, bending your legs to a full 90 degrees.  Here’s where it get’s fun…….er tough!  Using your legs (same technique as the swing, keeping face forward and back straight), spring yourself up into the air as high as you can.  Land as softly as possible on the ground and repeat immediately.  Again, you can (and should) modify the reps or ball weight accordingly with your fitness level.  This is an ass kicking fat burner and lean muscle builder!

6. 45 Degree Medicine Ball Twist 

Say goodbye to those love handles baby!  Hold the ball fully extended in front of you at chest level.  Sit on the ground with your feet up and legs bent at 45 degrees.  Twist to the left and touch the ball to the ground.  Twist the ball all the way back to the right, touch the ground and repeat immediately.

7. Medicine Ball Curl Catch

I  learned this move from the AthleanX program ( I just purchased.  This is a very cool cross training program that I plan on utilizing at my RecoverFit Personal Transformation Studio ( You can also see a video of this exercise on YouTube (just search AthleanX routines).  Hold the ball at waist level with both hands (as if you were about to curl it).  Slowly curl the ball up and toss it into the air at the top of the rep.  Catch the ball at the forehead level with both hands.  Slowly lower it down and repeat immediately.  I never thought you could isolate your biceps with a medicine ball until I tried this!

8.  Medicine Ball Suit Case Crunch

I love this move!  It works the entire length of your core while adding some shoulder, upper back and chest resistance.  Exercises like this are awesome as they work separate groups of muscles at one time for maximum efficiency.  Lie down with your legs completely extended.  Hold the ball in both hands with your arms completely extended above your head.  Perform a sit up while bringing  a knee to your chest and extending the ball to the raised ankle.  Lower the ball completely back down to the outstretched position and repeat to the other side.  This is a wonderfully brutal exercise to end with!

Again, you should totally enjoy doing this workout outside and will benefit from both the cardio and strength resistance perspectives.  Be sure to stretch before and after and stay hydrated as well!  If you live in Cleveland and want to train with me, please check out my website at I have several more medicine ball moves that are great, as well as an endless amount of cross training and functional routines to build you into a mental, physical and spiritually fit specimen!!

“Energy and persistance conquer all things.”

~Benjamin Franklin

Until next time,




Navigating Life

Your Inner GPS

Do you really know where you’re going in life?  Do you know where you want to end up?  Are you too proud to stop and ask for directions?  Damn, I was so guilty of that!  Not anymore. There is no computerized GPS navigation device to guide us through life.  However, we do have a myriad of ways to help us.  We have our friends, families, mentors and inspirational individuals that we should seek out for guidance.  We have vast and amazing resources at our fingertips (literature, websites, blogs, music, art, fitness etc.).  Most importantly we have ourselves…….Our own amazing minds.  Our brains are remarkable supercomputers that have unlimited power to get us where we need and want to go.  Your brain is your inner GPS!

Can you see the road ahead?

Okay, you may be fortunate enough to have eyesight.  Can you REALLY see?  Do you truly have vision?  The type of vision I’m speaking of is not your sense of sight.  Having vision is knowing where you want to go in life and why you want to get there.  Plenty of blind people have vision.  Sadly, more people with eyesight are visionless.  Which are you?

Purpose is your roadmap

If you know where you want to go and why you want to get there, do you have a roadmap to guide you?  That roadmap is your purpose in life.  If you live every moment with vision and have a plan to reach your destination then you have purpose.

Your Rechargeable Battery 

Your brain, and the unlimited power it contains, is your inner GPS.  What charges it and keeps it running?  Your spirit is your rechargeable battery.  If you can tap into your core energy, your spirit, you will be able to keep your brain fully charged throughout the twisting, turning road of life.  Make that spiritual connection with yourself.  Get charged.  Power up your brain.  Live with vision and purpose.  It’s a feeling like you have never experienced!

“You are in possession of one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, one that has virtually unlimited potential not only to change your life, but also to change your world.” 

~Shelley Carson

Until next time,




There is No Magic Pill


If you haven’t seen the movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper, I highly recommend it.  In a nutshell, it is the story of a sedentary, visionless party boy turned brain powered superhuman by a designer pharmaceutical.  If only…..! There is no magic pill, if you haven’t already figured that out.  Not for success. Not for happiness or fulfillment.  Certainly not for getting rich.  There is no “little purple pill” that will give you life balance or inner peace.

Your True Power Source

Your true power source, the key to life balance and fulfillment, lies deep within your core.  It is your spirit.  Your spirit, or soul if you like, is your energizing life force.  If you connect with it, and live a spirit driven life you will simply “get it.”  By making this connection you will be neutralizing your ego driven mind.  If you live an ego driven life you are powered by a false, or self-limiting mindset.  Identify your spirit, your true power source.  Connect with it.  Live within it.   You’ll be limitless!

Give More, Take Less 

The more that you have or make, the more you should give.  It’s karma.  “What goes around comes around.”  “You reap what you sow.”  All so true……  If you give, you will receive.  If you resent, you will be resented.  If you hate, you will be hated.  If you laugh, you will be laughed with.   If you judge, you will be judged.   Just give…Give and give again.  Give your time, your resources, your smile, and your heart into all that you do.  You’ll be amazed at what you receive in turn!

“Connecting to your spirit occurs through dedicated intention, prayer, awareness, meditation, and imagination.  With repetition, it becomes your natural state of being.”

~Sonia Choquette

Until next time,


Please comment and let me know what you think!!!!



Need Less…..Have More

                                  Embrace Minimalism

Do we really need all the things that we supposedly want? My goal is to settle and be happy with what I have.  Especially in terms of material things.  We should all concern ourselves with what really matters in life.  For me that’s family, friends, love, laughter and the passionate pursuit of strengthening my mental, spiritual, and physical fitness levels. I know if I live this way, everything will remain balanced and peaceful.  What matters to you? 

Set Tangible, Non-Material Goals 

Try this mindset.  Instead of setting material goals (new car, new house,new clothes,new jewelry etc.), try to set some real-life, tangible goals.  Start and maintain an exercise plan.  Forgive a longterm resentment (this is a big one).  Help a family member, co-worker, or friend with a project.  Get creative at work and energize yourself to move upward.  Spend more quality time with your kids.  You will be amazed at what you will get back by giving!

Stop to Enjoy the View 

This is one I’m working on….Some self-advice.  Take some time every day to just chill and calmly enjoy what you have!  Your kids, your spouse, partner or friends.  The fact that you have employment.  The fact that you live in the most amazing and dynamic country in the world!  Go to your kids’ soccer, football or baseball practice just to watch the kids learn to play, compete and have fun.  Relax on your deck or front porch and give thanks for all that is good.  Breathe deeply and calmly….. Enjoy the view!

Serendipity~ The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for…..Falling into happiness!”

Until next time,




Monday Motivation

Eye of the Tiger 

Just like my Dad told me when I took the wrestling mat for a big match in the fifth grade, “You have to have the eye of the tiger!” I will never forget that moment at Willoughby Junior High School, getting ready to wrestle for the CYO 65lb championship.  Thanks Dad!  Success, balance and fulfillment have everything to do with vision, people.  Go out there today with the eye of the tiger!  If a customer, colleague or manager tells you, “No,” then go find someone else who will tell you, “Yes!”

Change the Game 

If you’re tired of the “same old, same old,” then do something different this week.  Change the game! Be creative.  Work with a renewed sense of purpose and vision.  Get energized!  Lethargy and complacency will get you nowhere but stressed and aggravated.  Seek out that difficult customer and engage them in conversation.  Tackle that nagging issue at work, at home or in your workout.  Go slay the dragon!

Move Forward

As I was jogging along this morning, jamming out intensely to my Ipod, a motivating thought came to me (another awesome benefit of an a.m. workout).  So many people feel trapped, or get caught up in the negative external distractions in their lives.  Forget about all that!  Concentrate on what you can control…..Yourself!  Your mind, body, and spirit.  If you feel like your back is against the wall….Then fricken push off it and MOVE FORWARD!

“Leave no stone unturned in your quest for inner peace and life balance!”

~Scott Stojetz

Until next time,




Reflections of a Sunrise Run

Is it Really 7:22 A.M.? 

I was running along a great local path this morning, and looked down at my Polar Ft80 Fitness Watch to check my heart rate.  I saw the time was 7:22 a.m., and was like, “Dude….seriously?”  If you would have told me a year ago that I would be in that spot at that time, I would have laughed out loud!  It just goes to show you what an amazing, motivating tool fitness is.  Mental, spiritual & physical fitness fused together have renewed my life.

Fitness is a Mindset 

Being fit, taking care of your body, mind and spirit is a mindset.  Commitment to fitness is a choice.  Why am I passionate about sharing my experiences and opinions on fitness?  It has saved and renewed my life and brought me complete balance.  I want to pay this forward and inspire others to do the same.  Having true balance is amazing.  You will look at everything in life from a different prospective.  All the external bullshit that bothered you before, the negative energy you allowed to affect you, will disappear!  If you don’t believe me, come train with me for a week!  My Personal Transformation Studio ( will not be up and running for a few months, but I will be glad to help anyone start a life balancing program now!

Get Fit Today 

Don’t wait until Monday, next Friday, or God forbid 2012, to start a life balancing program!  Grab your wife, significant other, kids or dog and go for a long walk, hike or run.  Hit the pool and do 10 laps.  Get on your bike and hit it hard for 30 minutes.   Any type of physical activity will put you in the right mindset to begin your day and week with a “will do” attitude. Please feel to contact me at if you have any comments or questions.

I also welcome any and all comments or feedback right here!  Have a great, hopefully life balancing, Sunday!

 Perseverence~Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition.

Until next time,




The “My Neighbors Think I’m Crazy!” Total Body Workout

$43, a Sledgehammer & a Truck Tire

As a fitness enthusiast and soon to be studio owner and trainer, I am constantly researching new and innovative workouts in magazines and online.  Cross training, functional, and minimalist  routines are very popular and I am a big time believer in these techniques.  In fact, you will NEVER see or use a treadmill, elliptical, stairstepper or any type of cardio machinery at my RecoverFit Personal Transformation Studio.  I am a firm believer in the human body being the catalyst to training and improving itself.

In my search to find another new way to get a great full body, functional workout I came across a sledgehammer and truck tire routine on YouTube (just search Sledge Hammer Workout).  In the video I clicked on, a young woman (Autumn Lynne Edwards) demonstrates an ass kicking workout using just a sledge and a truck tire in a farm field!  I was intrigued and needed to do this routine right away.

A Trip to Conrad’s & Home Depot

My first thought was, “Where in the hell am I going to get a truck tire & how much is it going to cost me?”  After a little thought, I took a quick trip down the road to Conrad’s Tire Center.  I asked the guy at the counter if they had any used tires lying around that they were disposing.  Within a minute I was led back to the garage and given my choice!  Score…..FREE truck tire!  I then went to Home Depot and picked up an 18lb sledgehammer (the heaviest they had).  Okay, I did splurge here.  I spent $43 on a Rockforce sledge with a fiberglass handle and rubber grips on the bottom and top.   I will use this sledge in my studio, so it should last forever and be a great investment!  Now I was all set, and stoked to go home and put this routine to the test.

Warning:  Your Neighbors May Think You’re Crazy!

One of the killer benefits of this routine is that I get to do it outside in the fresh air and sunlight!  Personally, I have no inhibitions, and didn’t even think twice about doing it in my driveway and tree lawn.  My daughter and girlfriend find it hilarious, and apparently are concerned with what the neighbors think!  Whatever……! I typed up the routine in excel, grabbed my water bottle and towel and headed outside to “go to town” on this tire!

The Best Core & Total Body workout Ever! 

I did this routine yesterday for the second time, burning 1029 calories in one hour.  That’s right, 1029 calories!  I challenge you to find another workout that will give you more for so little time and expense.  If you did this three times per week you would be a mental, physical and spiritually fit specimen!  Sidenote……I use a Polar Fitness FT80 Fitness watch w/ heart rate monitor to track every workout (kick ass product).  The physical benefits of this workout are awesome!  You work your core, arms, legs, shoulders, and back and are fusing cardio and resistance together.  As always, the mental and spiritual results of physical exercise are the life altering benefits.  This routine is the real deal!


If you are not in peak physical condition, DO NOT run right out and attempt to do this routine!  I would recommend purchasing a lighter sledge, or weighted body bar, and do the workout without pounding the tire.  You need to build core strength and use careful technique to prevent injury.  Start out light and short (maybe 30 minutes) and build your way up. If you are in great shape, go “warrior crazy,” and take on the entire routine.  Either way, be careful and let me know what your neighbors think!!

” It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.” 


Until next time,




Are You Due for a Jailbreak?

Do you ever feel undervalued at work, in your career, at home, in a relationship, on an athletic team, or in any aspect of your life?  Are you ever completely frustrated with circumstances that have led you to this feeling ?  Do you ever wonder why you are in a particular situation?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you are way overdue for a JAILBREAK!

                                   Get Out of Jail

If you are frustrated, unhappy, aggravated or simply fed up with anything in life you need to get out of jail!  I’m going to give you three concepts to help you get started with your liberation.

Remove the Imposters 

The very first thing you need to do is remove the imposters from your life!   The imposters are those nasty self-limiting thoughts, behaviors and people that are preventing you from fulfillment.  Jealousy, resentment, anger, worry and anxiety are just a few of these thoughts and behaviors.   They are imposters created by your ego to supposedly “help” you cope with your dissatisfaction in life!  These thoughts and behaviors need to be replaced with empathy, understanding, positivity, perseverance, motivation and inspiration among others.  Relationships and people can also have a self-limiting affect on your quest for happiness and fulfillment.  If people in your life are holding you back or limiting your potential (you know who they are) you must address this!  My suggestion is to identify who they are and have pointed, honest discussions with them.  If they truly care about you and are “on your team,” they will understand that they need to back off or support you in a different way.  If not, you have to set limits on these interactions, or you will never begin your self revolution…Your jailbreak!

Be Creative….Not Reactive 

Creativity breeds vision, purpose, energy, productivity and success.  Reactivity (a reactive mindset) results in lethargy, negativity, complacency and stress!  Do not react….Create!  This can work in all aspects of your life. In your career, create a new way to sell, present, communicate with customers, co-workers or management.  Share your creative ideas, it will become contagious.  Think outside your own head!!  The same goes for relationships, athletics or physical wellness.  Create new ways to communicate, play and  train your mind, body and spirit!   Don’t continue to react to what you perceive as negative circumstances.  Have the energy and vision to see obstacles as opportunities for change.  Bust out of jail!

Connect with Yourself 

Life is what YOU make it, people! If you make it a complacent, reactive and negative life, so it will be.  If you make it a creative, productive, positive, giving life, so it will be.  Here’s a significant, life altering concept.  You need to connect with yourself and run your life through this connection…A spirit driven mindset.  Do not let your ego run your life!  Your ego will limit your true potential by allowing all of those imposters to control your thought process!  Remove your egocentric purpose with a spiritually centric one!  Break out of Jail!

“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant.  There is a fuel within us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”

~Johann Gottfried Von Heroler

As always, Please let me know what you think, as I am interested in your input, feedback & comments!

Until Next time,




How to be Unstoppable

                                         It Starts With You

“I am unstoppable in my life’s vision and purpose.”  Repeat that.  Repeat it five times, silently in your head. Repeat it when you’re stressed, frustrated, or when you face a challenge.  Repeat it when you’ve accomplished something great, or better yet, when you’ve helped someone else accomplish something great.  Repeat it when you are depressed, angry, or anxious.  Repeat it when you need some clarity, motivation, or inspiration (i.e. before a workout, business meeting or important conversation).  This one simple phrase can change your life.  It can rewire your mindset.  It can make you unstoppable!

Plan Your Path 

People, you need to set goals for every aspect of your life, as well as cultivate a plan to reach each of them.  How are you going to get where you want to go without a clear destination and roadmap to get there?  Trust me, in my former mindset my life was an organized mess!  That’s not a typo.  It was an organized mess! Goal setting and planning have helped me transform and stay straight on course.  I  know that I am unstoppable in my life’s vision and purpose!

Mind, Body & Spirit 

My ultimate goal is to achieve total balance.  I want to live life with a clear vision and purpose, and I work passionately towards this every day.  In doing so, and through creating the RecoverFit ideology, I have the action plan to do this.  To reach this pinnacle of peace and fulfillment, you must be mentally, physically and spiritually fit.  If you have two of the three, or worse yet one of the three, you are living out of balance.  Essentially, we each have three distinct areas that we must build a superior fitness level in to become balanced.   Think of it this way.  Your body is your physical fitness center.  Your mind is your mental fitness center.  Lastly, and most significantly, your spirit (or soul) is your spiritual fitness center.  Each of these fitness mechanisms can be cultivated, strengthened, and fused to create total balance and inner peace.  Stay tuned for the release of RecoverFit: The Path for Personal Transformation, as it is a detailed plan and lifestyle to create this fusion!

Live Your Legacy 

The imprint that my life leaves on this earth when I’m gone is important to me.  One of my life’s goals is to be remembered as someone who contributed  a meaningful existence.  Personally, I want to leave a legacy of health, wellness, happiness and prosperity for those I leave behind.  What is your legacy plan and goal?  I’ll challenge you with this thought.  Don’t just have a goal or destination for your personal legacy.  Live your legacy!  If you live each day with vision and purpose, engaged with passion in your activities, then this will happen.  Remember…YOU are unstoppable in your life’s vision and purpose!

“Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.”

Albert Einstein

P.S.  Did this motivate or inspire you?  Please comment and let me know what you think, as your feedback is valuable to me!

Until next time,